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Brew Centralia (Chester)

Dinner Menu

Chester Location
Starters & Salads


roasted garlic hummus 7
with grilled flat bread

guacamole or beer bacon queso 8
with tortilla chips

nachos 12
pico de gallo~fresh jalapeno~beer bacon queso~sour cream~chili...add crispy pork belly $2

fried pickles & peppers 8
sriracha aioli

crispy calamari 11
citrus-peppercorn remoulade

wings (4 whole wings) 8.50
spicy asian ~ honey chipotle ~ bourbon buffalo

mussel pot 12
~white wine, fresh herbs, garlic & lemon
~beer & bacon
~spicy marinara & roasted garlic

brew onion rings 9
sriracha aioli


cup 4 / bowl 6
house chili • soup du jour


spinach 8
artichoke hearts~feta~kalamata olives~red wine vinaigrette

roasted beets 8
chevre~candied walnuts~shallot vinaigrette

caprese 8.50
basil walnut pesto~balsamic drizzle

Small Plates


grilled chicken kabobs 9
mixed greens

grilled steak* kabobs 10.50
mixed greens

cedar plank salmon 12
mixed greens

spicy asian smoked pork belly tacos 10.50
kimchi slaw~spicy asian sauce

honey chipotle grilled chicken tacos 10
pico de gallo~lettuce

beer braised bratwurst 8
chow chow relish and served with house chips

crab cake sliders 12
topped with mixed greens and citrus-peppercorn remoulade sauce served with house chips

Sandwiches & Wraps


blt   9.50
hardwood smoked bacon~mozzarella~tomato~pesto

sausage   10
swiss~chow chow relish~sriracha aioli

chicken   9
smoked gouda~artichoke~julienne peppers~cilantro-ginger sauce

steak   10
cheddar~arugula~horseradish aioli

pork belly   10.50
prosciutto~swiss~pickles~stone ground dijon mustard

served on garlic-herb wrap with choice of side

southwestern   9
chicken~rice~black beans and corn~pico

asian   10.50
chicken~rice~cucumber~kimchi slaw

veggie   8
hummus~cucumber~roasted peppers~tomato~greens~feta~kalamata olives~balsamic vinaigrette


all burgers are certified Angus 80/20 blend served with choice of one side, substitute house-made black bean burger, add hardwood smoked bacon $1.50 or egg $1

the IPA* 9.50
cheddar~pickles~lettuce~tomato~stone ground dijon mustard

the stout* 11.50
bacon~cheddar~chow chow relish~sriracha aioli

the lager* 12
smoked pork belly~smoked gouda~garlic aioli~sweet red onion jam

the triple* 10
cheddar~smoked gouda~swiss~tomato~horseradish aioli

the porter* 11
blackening spice~blue cheese~citrus marmalade

the hefeweizen* 11
guacamole~swiss~spinach~cilantro-ginger sauce


red wine, rosemary and thyme slow braised short ribs 20
cheddar grits~roasted roots

low country boil 19

beer braised bratwursts 15
potato~parsnip mash~Brussels sprouts~grain mustard

fresh fish of the day 19
honey lemon yogurt~inca red quinoa~Brussel sprouts

NY strip* 21
honey lemon yogurt~inca red quinoa~Brussel sprouts

chicken cordon blue roulade 16
lemon grain mustard~brown butter potato puree~zucchini

crab cakes 19
cheddar grits~asparagus~roasted red pepper puree~picked fennel

orecchiette alla vodka 16



hand-cut fries (1 sauce) 3
hand-cut sweet potato curls (1 sauce) 3
small mixed greens 4
seasonal vegetable 4
kimchi 4
potato salad 4
black bean salad 3
cucumber salad 4
brew onion rings 5


$.25 for extra
stone ground dijon mustard ⬝ ketchup ⬝ garlic aioli ⬝ citrus-peppercorn remoulade ⬝ cilantro-ginger sauce ⬝ spicy asian ⬝ horseradish aioli ⬝ sriracha aioli

LITTLE EATS $5 (12 and under)

junior cheeseburger
hand-cut potato or sweet potato fries
grilled cheese
hand-cut potato or sweet potato fries
crispy chicken bites
hand-cut potato or sweet potato fries
penne marinara
kid's ice cream 2.5


house bread pudding 6
house cheesecake 8
ice cream (local Gelati Celesti) 5

Craft Cocktails
The 4 Mules 9
Wild-Boubon/Ginger Beer/Fresh Lime
Moscow-Vodka/Ginger Beer/Fresh Lime
Mexican-Tequila/Ginger Beer/Fresh Lime
Irish-Jameson/Ginger Beer/Fresh Lime

Dark & Stormy 9
Dark Rum/Ginger Beer/Fresh Lime

Kentucky Sangria 10
Meriot/Markers Mark/Sweet Dark Cherries/Orange/Strawberry

Orange Crush 9
Orange Vodka/Fresh Squeezed Orange/Sprite/Cointreau

Grapefruit Crush 9
Grapefruit Vodka/Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit/Sprite/Cointreau

Strawberry Mojito 9
Rum/Simple Syrup/Fresh Strawberries/Mint/Club Soda

On Point Bloody Mary 10
Hop Head Vodka/Ballast Point Bloody Mix/Bacon

Richmonder 10
Buffalo Trace Boubon/Maple Syrup/Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit


Riesling/Lucashof - 9/33
Pinot Grigio/Di Leonardo - 9/33
Chardonnay/Clos Robert - 10/38
Sauvignon Blanc/Sunday Mountain - 9/33
Merlot/Domaine de la Patience - 8/30
Cabernet/Clos Robert - 10/38
Pinot Noir/Domaine de Cabrials - 9/33
Malbec/Clos Siguier Cahors - 11/41

Prosecco/LaVite Vivissimo (On Tap) - 8
Moscato/Vietti (Split) - 18